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Cell Phone Destruction & Recycling

With technology ever-changing and a new phone coming out almost every year, the useful life of a cell phone feels short-lived. The average cell phone typically lasts up to 5 years, leaving millions to be recycled each year. Ship N Shred is here to help.

Cell phones contain precious metals like gold and silver that can be reused. Americans throw away phones containing $60 million in gold and silver every year. When you use Ship N Shred, we make it easy to recycle these metals without having to leave your home or office. All you have to do is initiate your service, box up your old cell phones, schedule a pickup with FedEx, and we take care of the rest.

You will not only be helping the environment and keeping in compliance with state and federal laws, but you will also be protecting the data that was once on them. Even if you “wipe” your phone, the data can still be recovered with simple software. Protect your data, business, and the environment with Ship N Shred today!

Is Ship N Shred Secure?

In short, yes Ship N Shred is secure. You can track the process from start to finish using the tracking number you receive from FedEx. In addition, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records when your cell phones have been destroyed. The certificate ensures that the process complies with all state and federal laws regarding data destruction.

All of our providers are secure and reliable. You will have peace of mind that your cell phones have been thoroughly destroyed, the hazardous materials have been properly disposed of, and the precious metals have been recycled.

Costs & Benefits of Cell Phone Recycling With Ship N Shred

Your exact cost will depend on the size of box you choose and the exact shipping cost from your location to our nearest service location. We have options for Miscellaneous Electronics for combining cell phones with tablets, hard drives and laptops. Sizes vary from 5 pounds up to 80 pounds and the pricing varies from $15.00 to $200.00 PLUS Shipping.

We ensure your cell phones do not end up in a landfill, keeping your data and the environment safe. According to the EPA, recycling one million cell phones could save enough energy to power 20,000 homes for a year and recover 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, and 75 pounds of gold.

Recycle Your Cell Phones With Ship N Shred Today!

Safely and securely recycle your cell phones with Ship N Shred today! Simply start the process, and you will be able to start tracking the process in no time.

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