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Tablet Devices Destruction & Recycling Services

Tablet devices are a growing trend throughout the world, offering many advantages over traditional laptops. They are not only used by businesses, but also by households, families, and even children. In fact, 53% of Americans own at least one tablet.

Since technology is ever-changing, the life cycle of a tablet has gone down in the US from 7 to around 5 years, leaving hundreds of thousands to be disposed of each year. Only 10-20% of e-waste is recycled each year. The rest ends up in landfills or sent to other countries, exposing the environment to the hazardous chemicals that tablet devices contain.

Ship N Shred will safely and securely help you dispose of your old tablet devices to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and protect the data on them. Just box up the tablet devices you have, schedule a pickup with FedEx, and we will handle the rest. We only partner with providers that follow all state and federal regulations as well as EPA guidelines. Safely dispose of your old tablet devices today!

Why Use Ship N Shred?

Ship N Shred makes tablet recycling secure and easy with convenient pick-ups through FedEx and an easy tracking process so you know where your devices are at all times. In addition, you will receive a certificate of destruction when your tablet devices are safely destroyed and recycled, ensuring the compliance process.

Our tablet recycling companies ensure thorough data destruction, safe disposal of hazardous materials, and the reuse of precious resources found in tablet devices. You will be confident that your data is safe while also protecting the environment.

Costs and Benefits of Tablet Recycling With Ship N Shred

Your exact cost will depend on the size of box you choose and the exact shipping cost from your location to our nearest service location. We have options for Miscellaneous Electronics for combining tablet devices with cell phones, hard drives and laptops. Sizes vary from 5 pounds up to 80 pounds and the pricing varies from $15.00 to $200.00 PLUS Shipping.

Make the responsible decision to protect your privacy and the planet with Ship N Shred, all without leaving your location. You will actually be saving money from the costs of data breaches and identity theft, as well as any fines for non-compliance with state and federal regulations.

Recycle Your Tablet Devices With Ship N Shred Today!

Ship N Shred is here to help you recycle your old tablet devices with our network of experienced and reliable partners. Simply start the process and your tablet devices will be gone in no time.

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