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Microfiche and Micromedia Disposal

Microfiche and micromedia are transparent plastic sheets containing photographic records. They were commonly used to archive large amounts of documents in a small space before computers. Many organizations are now choosing to upgrade from this format and replace them with digital storage.

Disposal methods for micromedia should be carefully considered depending on type of material and the confidentiality of the records. Microfiche comes in a variety of colors and can clue you in on the type of material you are dealing with. Microfiche with a white image on a blue background is vesicular film. Silver-colored microfiche is made of silver halide. Silver microfiche may be hazardous and should be handled only by professionals. Other film bases include cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, and polyester.

Ship 'N' Shred accepts microfiche and micromedia for safe disposal and recycling. We will shred the film to destroy sensitive information and recycle the remaining materials. Micromedia recycling prevents pollutants from entering the environment and keeps plastic out of landfills.

Why Ship 'N' Shred?

Ship 'N' Shred simplifies micromedia disposal by accepting all kinds of microfiche and microform. All you must do is tightly pack your materials into a sturdy box and schedule pick up. Your box will be shipped safely by FedEx professionals to one of our secure shredding facilities.

We will handle your microfiche and micromedia with confidentiality and care. Our shredding and recycling process follows all privacy laws and HIPAA regulations. You will be able to track your materials from pick up to destruction on our tracking page.

Costs and Benefits

Professional microfiche disposal is responsible and affordable with Ship 'N' Shred. We ensure that your film will not end up in a landfill and that your sensitive information will be protected. Microfiche recycling recovers valuable silver and reduces PET plastic waste.

The price of disposal and recycling will be determined by the size and weight of your box. With a flat rate fee, you can get rid of your micromedia easily and quickly.

Recycle your Electronics with Ship 'N' Shred Today

Ship 'N' Shred is a leader in information protection and convenient shredding services. Box up your micromedia and send it in for quick, secure disposal. Start the process today!

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