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Electronics Recycling

Technology and innovation is in a constant upward trend. Electronics and microcomputers are in nearly everything from toys to toothbrushes. The downside to this advancement is the incredible growth in electronic waste (e-waste) around the world. E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream globally, while e-waste recycling rates remain extremely low.

It is estimated that only 10 to 20 percent of e-waste is recycled in the US. The rest ends up in landfills, incinerators, or is illegally exported to other countries. The good news is nearly all e-waste is recyclable. Ship 'N' Shred makes it easy and affordable to dispose of and recycle your devices without ever leaving your home or office.

Ship 'N' Shred accepts a wide range of electronics. All you must do is box up your devices and send them to us. We will safely dispose of your devices to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and save energy. Our services follow all privacy regulations, hazardous waste laws, and guidelines set by the EPA.

Electronic Destruction Services

Computer Disposal

Computers contain several dangerous chemicals that release toxins into the environment when not properly handled. Desktop and notebook computer disposal protects the environment by dismantling and disposing of hazardous materials in compliance with the EPA. This service also includes data erasure to maintain your privacy.

Cell Phones

Cell phones contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment. Not to mention the endless amounts of personal data that would be a gold mine to thieves. Ship N Shred ensures that your data and the environment will be protected with cell phone recycling services.

Tablet Devices

Tablets are used by businesses and households alike, containing mass amounts of confidential business and personal information. These devices also contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment and metal that can be recycled. Ship N Shred will properly recycle your old tablets, protecting your data and the environment.

Microfiche and Micromedia

Microfiche, microfilm, and other types of micromedia come in a variety of materials. Depending on the color of your film, some materials are recyclable, and some may be hazardous. Ship 'N' Shred ensures that your materials will be properly recycled and disposed of in a confidential matter.

Disks, Cassettes, and Tapes

Disks, cassettes, and tapes are types of magnetic media. Finding a recycler for magnetic media can be difficult because they typically do not contain valuable resources and some materials can be problematic in the recycling process. Ship 'N' Shred accepts magnetic media for safe disposal, data destruction, and environmentally responsible handling.

Why Ship 'N' Shred?

Electronics that have been disposed of incorrectly leak harmful chemicals into the ground, air, and water. Electronic recycling services properly dispose of your devices to prevent contamination of the environment and recover reusable materials. Ship 'N' Shred provides an additional service that includes pickup (or local drop off if preferred) that makes recycling super easy and convenient.

Ship 'N' Shred is a trustworthy company that carefully handles your devices and valuable information. You will be able to track your boxes from the time they are collected until your e-recycling is complete. We comply with all state and federal privacy laws, including HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA. A certificate of destruction will be emailed to you to verify the complaint process.

Our e-recycling companies are experienced and reliable. We ensure thorough data destruction, safe disposal of hazardous materials, and the reuse of precious resources.

Costs and Benefits

Ship 'N' Shred is an ideal recycling service for small electronic recycling. You can easily pack up your electronics, schedule pick up, and send your devices on their way without leaving your location or disrupting your day.

Recycling your electronics will conserve natural resources and energy in the production of new electronics and protect the people of the world from chemical toxins. Make the responsible decision to protect your privacy and the planet with Ship 'N' Shred electronics recycling services.

Recycle your Electronics with Ship 'N' Shred Today

Safely dispose of your electronics with a qualified provider near you. Start the process with Ship 'N' Shred today.

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