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Disks, Cassettes, and Tapes Disposal

Advancing technology has made disks, cassettes, and tapes media formats of the past. As you transition to current digital formats, you may find yourself with a hefty collection of useless CDs and tapes. Properly disposing of old media can protect personal information and prevent unnecessary plastic waste.

Unfortunately, recycling options for these products are limited. Disks, tape casings, and the tape itself are all made of recyclable plastic materials, however curbside programs are unlikely to accept electronic media of any kind. Ship 'N' Shred provides an easy way to responsibly dispose of your disks, cassettes, and tapes.

Types of Media Formats We Accept:

Our destruction services encompass a wide range of media formats. Any of the following can be included within your box of disks, cassettes, and tapes:

Why Ship 'N' Shred?

Ship 'N' Shred is a reputable shredding provider and media recycler. We use environmentally responsible methods to dispose of your materials. Pack and ship your media to us and we will carefully destroy your data and prep the materials for reuse. Our shredding and recycling process is compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, and the Department of Defense standards for data destruction.

Track your materials using our tracking page. You will be able to follow your media as it travels from your doorstep to ours. Ship 'N' Shred gives you the confidence to safely find disk disposal, cassette disposal, and tapes disposal near you.

Costs and Benefits

Recycling any type of material comes at a cost. Ship 'N' Shred was created to make recycling more affordable and convenient.

Unlike other types of electronic recycling, disks, cassettes, and tapes cannot be treated the same way. Recyclers cannot recover the same valuable, recyclable materials compared to traditional electronics. It is therefore less profitable and more expensive for recyclers. Ship 'N' Shred offsets those costs by charging an affordable fee based on the size and weight of your box.

There are many benefits of recycling and a push to reduce waste build up on the planet. Mylar tape (polyethylene terephthalate, used in cassettes and VHS tapes) is particularly hazardous for the environment due to the metal coatings on its surface. The coatings do not degrade over time and leach chemicals into the ground and water. Therefore, safe and proper disposal of these items is pivotal in order to avoid dangerous environmental issues. Make the responsible choice to dispose of your disks, cassettes, and tapes with Ship 'N' Shred.

Dispose of Disks, Cassettes, and Tapes with Ship 'N' Shred Today

Safely dispose of your old media to destroy your data and recycle plastic waste. Ship 'N' Shred will carefully handle your materials and ensure they are disposed of responsibly. Start the process today!

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